Friday, December 5, 2008

The Quest for Fire Heat

The furnace has finally been lit. This is a record setting December 5th lighting. This is also another record setting day. I did not break the knob.

Two years ago I "depressed the knob slightly" and turned the knob to the pilot setting as directed by the label on the vintage 1960, gas burning Fraser-Johnson. I then struggled for 30 minutes to "push down knob and hold for one minute" and light the pilot. The knob never went down. Instead it split into two jagged pieces. After four hours in a cross town search for a new knob I glued the knob back together(Tough as Nails works for everything) and called PG&E to light it for me for free.

Not this year. I did it. I am the hero. And the carbon monoxide alarm only stayed on for a few minutes. Apparently, running the furnace with the doors open and the bathroom fan on suck the fumes right into the house.

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