Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Will Survive

It finally arrived! 275 servings of "Just add water and heat". Ah! Emergency food. Probably tastes like a salt lick (Yes, I did lick one as a kid). The Louis L'Amour in me wants to know if I could survive the fall of our "Roman Empire"? If the barbarians finally break through the gates, will I be able to take care of my family? If the Post-bailout Wall Street executives try to kick in my door to get to my stash, will I be ready?

A rifle, a hatchet and a bucket of dehydrated soups and pancakes, Let them come.


  1. I had this idea a long time ago; I'm just not sure how to market it.

    For space saving purposes, I thought about packaging dehydrated water in individual 8 oz. pkgs. (Just add H2O, stir and drink). Ya think it'll sell?

  2. Can I get a better deal if I buy it by the gallon?

  3. I'm thinking he may be the only one who survives that swill. The kids can eat the 30 year old twinkies and well, as long as I have my coffee....I will survive.


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