Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Tubs and a Haircut, $4.96

My only son does not enjoy having his hair cut,
but when your sister asks if she can braid your hair,
that changes things.
With some of the money saved from cutting his hair,
we get to go buy a tub of ice cream.
Two tubs, if I cut his ear like last time.

"I am getting itchy dad. How much longer?"

Being so itchy he decided to remove his shirt.
"Dad I'm freezing! Hurry up,
but don't cut my ear!"

"Don't I look good!
How many tubs of ice cream do we get?"

It was worth the itchiness, the cold,
and the peril of the haircut,
for the tub of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream,
and the tub of Chocolate Chip.


  1. That boy is just getting so handsome! We cut our kids hair also...our oldest has never been to a barber in his life. Yay for Dad's cutting their sons hair!

    My dh is slackin...ds needs a hair but now so I think I'll show him this post to get him

  2. So cute! (My son does not like haircuts, either.)



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