Monday, May 11, 2009

The Obama Effect on Test Scores

The Obama Effect
NEA Today, May 2009

There's no doubt that the new President could help close the achievement gap in this country though the pursuit of sensible federal policies to support students and teachers. But a recent study, not yet published, suggests that his election alone--notwithstanding anything he might actually do as President--already has helped.

During the study, researchers gave a 20-question test to 472 Black and White test-takers. Before the election, there was a significant gap in scores. Immediately after, it was "statistically nonsignificant." "Obama is obviously inspirational," one of the researchers told The New York Times, and yet even they were surprised...

Wow! The One is truly amazing. Guess we don't need educational reform. President Obama has already solved the achievement gap problem. Maybe if patients touch the hem of his suit, we would solve the health care crisis also.

Do I even need to mention the statistical problems rife within this article? "Recent" study? Not yet published? Immediately? Significant versus statistically nonsignificant? This is the NEA's PROFESSIONAL journal.

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  1. I think we need to be open-minded to see how this plays out. Yes, I agree there and testing irregularities. But I will say - even in my neighborhood I'm noticing the African American teenage boys pulling their jeans up and taking their life more seriously. They're talking about the importance of their dream - whatever that is - and what they're going to have to do to get there. It's a real shift - but hey, it's not a double-blind study or anything.


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