Sunday, August 2, 2009

Building a Tomb for Pharaoh

Monomorium Pharaonis

Pharaoh ants require special treatment.
If you spray for these ants you'll just scatter them throughout your home.

So, Yes I sprayed, because we have been battling Ants of one kind or another all summer, and all ants are the same.(Does that sound "specist"?) I run the sprinklers for them outside, but they prefer the water from the faucet inside with a side of canola oil from the side of the oil bottle. Have they scattered. I do not know. I do know that they refuse to take the bait I have put out for them that specifically says, "Attracts Pharaoh ants." Apparently they can not read.

I suppose I shall have to resort to just smashing the little guys with my thumb.

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  1. Make an ant farm and have these little dudes work for you. Tiny tractors do cost a little though...I woke up one morning to find one of the worker ants had committed insecticide.


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