Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Would appreciate prayer for My Pain in the Neck

This is what my spine should look like.  
The MRI shows a bulging disk and a squished nerve.
The end result is that here I am at 39 
and I am feeling like Statler & Waldorf.
It could always be worse. 
I could always look like them.


  1. Love ya, babe. And you know what, I really really liked Statler and Waldorf and wouldn't even mind if you looked like them. They were the ONLY good thing about the Muppets. ;-p

  2. When I was about 36, I went to a chiropractor (a friend) who xrayed my spine and then showed me the film compared to the picture of what a spine should look like.

    He got all excited and overworked about my pitiful condition. He said, "look at this, at the rate your spine is deteriorating, in about 3-4 years you are going to have the spine of a forty-year-old man."

    To which I replied, "in 3-4 years I will BE a forty-year-old man."

    I've never gone back.


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