Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharing is Such Sweet Sorrow

Listening to the smacking of gum is not enjoyable.  The six year old boy, of course, believed that he was being sneaky.
ME:          "Spit out the gum."
Offender:  "What gum?"

Blank stare from me.
 Offender:  "He has some too."  Pointing at the Dealer.
 As he walked to the trashcan, I mistakenly asked where the gum came from.
Offender:  "He gave it to me." Pointing at the Dealer again.
ME:          "Where did the gum come from?"
Dealer:     "I found it on the playground."
ME:         "You found a pack of gum on the playground?"
Dealer:     "No, just some gum."
ME:         "You mean you found a piece of gum on the playground?  Was it in a wrapper?"
Dealer:     "No, it was all smashed up."
ME:         "Do you mean, in a ball?"
Dealer:     "Yeah."
ME:         "Did you eat it?"
Dealer: :   "No I chewed it.... but I shared it with him."
ME:         "STOP.  Don't tell me anymore.  I am sorry I asked."

True story.  Hopefully they will both get dewormed soon.


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  1. I would have done the same thing (stopped asking) was a sticky situation.


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