Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Worthy Cause: Gabriel House

Jesus said:
"Whatsoever you have done for the least of have done it to me."
Mathew 25:40

Gabriel House is a not-for-profit Christian residential home dedicated to the total care and rehabilitation of profoundly handicapped children and children with immune deficiency disorders.
Gabriel House strives to extend hope and dignity to the children at no cost to their impoverished families.

In August my son and I went to Ensenada Mexico.  I have gone before with my daughter to build houses with Hands of Mercy but this was something entirely different.  Gabriel House is an orphanage for severely disabled children.   Some have no families. Many have families that are unable to care for their needs, and have found the Gabriel House a loving place where their children will be cared for.

With Hands of Mercy you work all day Saturday.  You have a goal of building a house and presenting it to a family who have saved for years to buy the 40 by 40 plot of ground they will call home.  You feel useful and there is always something to do.  You work and are rewarded with a job well done and fantastic fellowship.
At Gabriel House there were jobs to do; sanding, painting, washers and dryers to repair, laundry to be washed, dried, folded and put away and a roof to be repaired, but for at least half the day there was nothing to do.  When you have nothing to do... you wait... sit... talk to your friends... talk to your son... walk across the street for a soda... walk around the orphanage...

Eventually you figure it out... you don't have to do anything except sit down with some kids, your own included, and toss a ball back and forth.  You read a book aloud in Spanish, even though you don't know what 70% of the words mean. You sing songs in English, while others sing in Spanish.

Sometimes Godly service means waiting, sitting, playing.  You do not have to do.  You have to be there and... be there.

At the border.

Stopping for dinner on the way.

A professional painter being a mentor to my nine year old...

See more of the pictures at my wife's blog

More pictures of the kids at Gabriel House

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