Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Sometimes everything looks good on the outside. Your hair is combed, your teeth are brushed and your hat is on straight. Sometimes everything looks fine, but inside....

I came home today and went into the bathroom. My son had just been there. I could tell by the fact that the TP roll had been unrolled so as to touch the floor. I could tell by the fact that the toilet had not been flushed. Standard procedure is to call him in and run through the steps of proper bathroom usage, but today I just set things to right. Within a few minutes I begin hearing bubbling coming from the commode. Upon entering everything looked fine, except for the bubbling in the bowl. Turning around I noticed that the tub was starting to fill itself from the drain. In my sage way I thought, "This is probably not a good thing." Then water begin to leak out from the bottom of the toilet. I wondered, "Could this fascinating event be simultaneously occurring in our other bathroom?" Of course... the shower pan was filled half way up, and yes this porcelain sculpture was also pouring forth putrescence from its underside.

Sometimes everything looks OK on the outside, but inside... May the Lord God be merciful this day and may He give extra Grace to my wife who has taken the children to a nice store for lunch.

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