Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Teacher, the Hothead, and the Negotiator

I present the following conversation between a teacher, a boy, and a girl...

Scene: First grade public school classroom, this A.M.

Teacher, "You just lost your recess, we do not hit girls."

Boy, "...but she hit me first!"

Teacher, "We do not hit girls."

Teacher queries the girl. "So... why did you hit him?"

Girl, "He wouldn't get out of my way!"

Teacher, "So you punched him, because he would not get out of your way?"

Girl, "Yeah!"

Teacher, "Well in that case you lose your recess also."

She pondered this a moment, gazed thoughtfully up at the ceiling, and then looking the teacher straight in the eye said, "You know.. um... I think maybe he and I can work this out."

Teacher, "You know, dear, I do believe you can, right here, in this room, during recess. Okay, time for math."

If she was in high school and I was her guidance counselor I would strongly encourage a career as a Negotiator.

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