Monday, January 4, 2010

Not So Common

Why We Homeschool #3

We received my daughter's God's World News a few days ago. Yes, I know that it is for "Grades 4-5", but there are always interesting stories in it. One caught my eye, "Kicked Out". It describes how two children, one in Newark and the other in Delaware were suspended for bringing knives to school.

The first, a six year old, had joined the Cub Scouts and was wanting to try out his new tool at lunch, a folding knife with a fork and spoon. His sentence; 45 days of reform school. (Read the NY Times report)

The second was an eleven year old girl who brought a cake for her class and (gasp) a knife to cut it with. The teacher used the knife to cut the cake and then reported the girl to the office for bringing the knife to school. The State Police were even notified.(Read the NBC Chicago report)

At the end of the World News Article it stated that a Representative from Delaware's 23rd District introduced a bill to "allow school officials to use"... wait for it...

"common sense in such situations."

Really! We now need a law to use common sense. This is another reason why we homeschool.

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  1. I remember hearing about those! Ridiculousness.

    [Another Zero Intelligence Policy hard at work.]


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