Friday, October 8, 2010

Things Teachers Say

Turn in your homework.
Sit down. Quietly please.
Hurry up!

You did great, super, fantastic.

That was amazing, beautiful, brilliant.

 I am so proud of you.

You worked so hard and did so well.

You make me smile. :-)

Let's call your mom and dad and tell them what a good job you did.

Take that out of your mouth, nose, ear.

Wait! Don't take that out of your NOSE!

Please use a tissue.

Don't throw up on the carpet, go outside and throw up on the grass please.

Where is the blood coming from?

At least you didn't lose an eye.
Don't share.

  • Don't share hand sanitizer.
  • Don't share used tissue.
  • Don't share hats.
  • Don't share already chewed gum.

Don't eat your crayons, pencils, paint, shirt, belt.

Don't crawl under the bathroom stall doors.



Yes, I know it is fun. It is not covered by insurance.

WHAT! ARE! YOU! DOING? Never mind, don't tell me, don't do it again.

Bueller, Bueller!

Does that work at home?

And...your point was?


I'm sorry, what are you trying to say?

Use the bathroom at recess time.

Do you need to use the restroom? Again?

What are you doing in the urinal?

You flushed his backpack in the toilet?

You stepped in the toilet?  You mean you were standing on the toilet when your foot fell in?

You punched him in the face because he looked at you funny? Really?

It doesn't matter how annoying she is, you can not hit and scream at her.

You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Keep your hands, feet, Kleenex, crayon, pencil, shoe, backpack, snot, spit to yourself.

Don't tell me about that rated R movie, I'm too young to see it.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Be careful out there.

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